Providing habitat for fauna which includes everything from possums, koalas and birds to micro ecosystems (e.g. grubs and beetles) to live.

Often we can retain standing sections of trees in situ where they are not at risk of causing any harm.


We also place woody debris in road reserves to provide the habitat for ecosystems.

When we have to cut hollow bearing trees along highways we aim to replace these hollows with nesting boxes in nearby trees.  A great example of this was our installation of 1,200 nesting boxes in one project along the Newell Highway to cater for several different threatened bird species and Squirrel Gliders. We do this so that the net loss of habitat is kept to a minimum, if any at all. 


Timber is such an important part of the ecosystem and we are happy to provide this medium to a diverse group of locations. One such example is the work being done by the NSW Dept. of Primary Industries- Fisheries. Restoring woody habitat is essential to provide a healthy environment for native fish to live and breed.

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